How to Pivot Gracefully into a New Industry

Have you jumped from IT to Financial project management?  Or from IT to Digital project management?  What you don’t know about the terminology, risks, and standard expectations in an industry can be a disadvantage when you’re starting out.  Sign up for a certification course or an industry-specific course in your targeted industry.  The training can at least give you a leg up on the basics.  A slow saunter into the pool is better than being thrown in every time.

But where can you find courses to take the newbie edge off?  You’re not looking for expert-level knowledge; just enough information to allow you to understand what the technicians or SMEs in your industry are talking about.  To uncover the few relevant courses that could help, try the following:

  • Sign up for industry-specific e-newsletters. Reading through the newsletters should help in your level of understanding, but you’ll also begin to see webinars, certifications or course offerings that will help.  For each industry (IT, Telecom, Software, Health Care, you name it), there are very likely hundreds of newsletters that will provide more insight into the industry’s issues and current challenges.
  • Sign up for industry specific websites. Industry-specific websites are another great source to look for webinars and certification opportunities to provide foundational principles for newbies. Some good examples are: FierceWireless, FierceHealthcare, and To find these sites, google the industry (healthcare industry, construction industry, telecom, etc) and run through the results.
  • Search for courses on Educational Portals like Edx, Stacksocial, Coursera and Udemy. Some courses or certification training opportunities may be found for much less than some of the courses offered through industry portals.  Recently, I found a Network Cyber Security bundle for $49 dollars (8 courses on StackSocial on topics like CompTIA Security+ certification, Certified Information Systems, and Certified Ethical Hacker). When I began listening to the lectures, I realized that I needed this information 7 years ago.

When you are trying to pivot to another industry, adding certification or industry-specific training can help you get off to a running start.  With a foundational understanding of the industry you are trying to enter, you may eliminate one of the hurdles new employees face in the first few weeks.  Have you had a positive experience transitioning into a new Industry?  Leave a comment or sent a tweet.  My id is jgodfrey.


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