Sticky Notes: January 8th

The first week back at work always feels like the longest week of the year.  The beginning of the year generally finds me in the middle of a very large project that everyone expected to continue non-stop throughout the holiday.  As a result, the first week back is always hectic, noisy and stressful.  Fortunately, the first week is done.  Now I have the rest of the year to enjoy.

After I shut down my computer on Friday, I felt like a great big wad of crumpled up sticky notes that I had to peel away in order to find myself again:

* Forgotten To Dos
* Pending Issues
* Critical milestones
* Reminders
* Things that I learned last week
Composite image of angry face
Copyright Dollar Photo Club 2015 by vectorfusionart

By far the biggest lesson that I learned last week was that I need to take care of my body in order to continue to be effective.  I move every day, whether I’m doing Pilates, Yoga, Weightlifting or Recovery exercises.

Last week, I over-trained and strained my shoulderblade.  I spent most of the week struggling to do my job while my shoulderblade reminded me that I live in this shell called my body.

If I feel energetic and healthy, it can enable me to be my best.  If I struggle to breathe without pain, it can be a struggle to bring anything to the work.  I need to remember to challenge myself, but not force myself through a set with weights that are too heavy.

Are you taking care of yourself the way you need to be in order to bring all of your abilities to the work in front of you?

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