Quote: How Does Your Environment Impact Your Project?

Copyrighted by Dollar Photo - 2015 - by Wickerwood
Copyrighted by Dollar Photo – 2015 – by Wickerwood

“If we think about our environment at all, we probably regard it as an expansive macrosphere that is defined by the major influences on our behavior – our family, our job, our schooling, our fiends and colleagues, the neighborhood we live in, the physical space we work in.  It’s like a borderless nation-state bearing our name that reminds us who we are but has no influence on our decisions or actions.

If only that were true.

The environment that I’m most concerned with is actually smaller, more particular than that.  It’s situational, and it’s a hyperactive shape-shifter.  Every time we enter a new situation, with its mutating who-what-when-where-and-why specifics, we are surrendering ourselves to a new environment – and putting our goals, our plans, our behavioral integrity at risk.  It’s a simple dynamic: a changing environment, changes us.”

Triggers, Creating Behavior that Lasts — Becoming the Person You  Want to Be – Marshall Goldsmith, Mark Reiter.

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