The Ant and the Elephant: Quotes Worth Considering

Copyright 2015 Dollar Photo Club by Kagenmi
Copyright 2015 Dollar Photo Club by Kagenmi

After re-reading The Ant and the Elephant last week to write the review, I found some quotes from the book that shook me up and made me think.  These quotes are another reason that the book is worth reading and buying from Amazon so I thought I would share them with you.

First: “Make Fear Your Friend, Not Your Master.”  

This was one of the pieces of advice that Brio, the wise owl, gave Adir to help him reach his goals.  Adir was “was frequently afraid of failure, and because of that, he hesitated to lead with confidence.”  One of the worst things you can do when you are taking a risk with a new approach or a new idea is to be timid in its execution.  If you are not confident or ‘sound confident’ in what you are trying to do – others can hear it.  While you may get through the meeting, you will not be as successful as you would have been if you had moved forward with confidence.  You’ll second guess yourself, not follow through on everything you were planning and so you won’t be effective.  Making Fear your Friend is good advice to newbies to welcome fear when it comes and don’t let it intimidate you into changing your plans.  Stay strong and stick with your original plan.

Secondly: “Without conflict there is no growth, and truthfully the most challenging conflict is within ourselves.  Resolving inner conflict empowers us to change our lives.”

It’s no secret that self-knowledge will help you be more effective in your job.  Some of your the conflicts you face will be internal.  At times you may struggle to step back and understand what is driving your reactions.  Brio’s advice on how to overcome the conflicts are another part of what makes the Ant and the Elephant an excellent read.

Finally, the last quote that shook my complacency a little:

Copyright 2015 Dollar Photo Club by Faithie
Copyright 2015 Dollar Photo Club by Faithie

“…Commitment is active.  It’s judged on a sliding scale.  We can reach a level of commitment and discover there’s still more we can do….When you’ve fulfilled the commitment you established for yourself, commit even further.”

Before I read this quote, I thought commitment was binary – either you were or you weren’t.  The idea of commitment being on a sliding scale where there are degrees or greater levels of commitment than your current state was a paradigm change for me.  The question: How Committed Are You? is a question only you can answer. Frankly, it is it exciting to learn that you can grow in commitment in the various areas of your life.

These are not the only quotes from the book that made me stop and think.  These are just the ones that had the greatest impact on me.  I encourage you to read The Ant and Elephant and buy it if you have the same reaction I had.  Have you run across any great quotes in your reading lately?  Leave me a comment or send me a tweet, my id is jgodfrey.


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