Equip Yourself To Reach Your Goals: The Ant and The Elephant

Copyright 2015 Dollar Photo Club by vishnukumar
Copyright 2015 Dollar Photo Club by vishnukumar

Imagine someone watching the 1988 Olympic Opening Parade and getting the crazy idea that they’d like to be one of the athletes marching in the next Olympic parade.

Imagine that they have no training and very little competitive experience in any sport.

Would you believe that in a few short years, they put themselves in the position of being among the top speed ski competitors in the world?

That was my introduction to The Ant and the Elephant: Leadership for the Self  by Vince Poscente.  His description of the events that led up to his run in the Olympics was presented at the 2014 Project Management Congress to a group of Project Managers that was as caught up in his story as I was.

As he walked us through the mental training steps he took to get to the 1992 Olympics, he walked us through the 5 key principles explained in The Ant and the Elephant.  As soon as his talk ended, I bought the book in Kindle Form and started reading.

I soon discovered that the book was even better than the speech.  In the book, the reader meets Adir, an ant who loses his home in a storm.  Throughout the rest of the book, we watch Adir learn how to lead and guide his elephant, Elgo, to his goal: the Oasis.

The Ant and the Elephant addresses the problems we all have when we try to change.  Who hasn’t had to deal with your own negativity or that of others?  Have you had to confront your own fears?  The Ant and the Elephant teaches the reader how to motivate herself to persevere until she achieves her goals.  Adir and Elgo show us that most of the work in changing our circumstances is linked to managing our mental state.  By the end of the book, we learn…

  • How to refine our vision
  • Manage our negativity
  • Consistently improve
  • Strengthen our confidence and
  • Control our responses to any situation.

I recommend that you buy this book.  Its practical 5-step process to managing mind and emotions will teach you how to equip yourself mentally so that you can successfully navigate the obstacles between you and your goals.  Have you read this book?  Leave a comment or send me a tweet, my id is jgodfrey.


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