Book Review: Teamwork is an Individual Skill

The book title itself seems to turn our usual assumptions about teamwork upside down.

And true to its title, the book tries to give its readers the tools to  improve their effectiveness in working with others.  Whether you are a leader or a teammember, the emphasis is on what you can do to make each working relationship more effective.

In the preface, the author, Christopher M. Avery, outlines the 5 themes he covers:

1) Taking Personal Responsibility for Productive Relationships
2) Creating Powerful Partnerships
3) Aligning Individuals around a Shared Purpose
4) Trusting Just Right

5) Developing the Collaborative Mindset

I loved this book.  It is not a book you can read once – declare victory – and move on.  This a book that is full of best practices and learnings that you will likely need to try, self-correct, learn from and then try again.

Each of the themes relies heavily on your emotional intelligence, giving you opportunities to improve your effectiveness and your EI.  If you’re looking for ideas for your self-development goals this book would be an excellent place to start.

The most eye-opening section for me was the theme on “Trusting Just Right.”  I won’t spoil it for you – but the ability to trust someone has very little to do with how they’ve behaved in the past.  This is a book well worth the price – kindle or hardback.  I recommend you buy this one.

Read any PM or Business books I should check out in 2015?  Leave a comment or send me a tweet.  My id is jgodfrey.


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