True communication is the response you get

“True communication is the response you get.  This phrase might need some explanation in order to make complete sense.  It is based on the idea that no communication attempt initiated by you is complete until you observe the effect of that communication on its target.  Once you observe the response, then you know if your communication achieved your intent.  Said another way, we don’t know what communication has been received by our target until we see the response.

The value of following this principle is that you will become increasingly aware of your intentions, how will you demonstrate those intentions, and how you demonstrate those intentions, and how your demonstration is received.  This awareness will help you discover what works and what doesn’t.  If you are following this principle, you will increasingly become more aware of your intentions in every relationship and every communication, and you will own the responses that you get.”

Teamwork is an Individual Skill: Getting Your Work Done When Sharing Responsibility, Christopher Avery

Note:  My apologies – I let the holidays torque my posting cycle.  I’ll get back on track.


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