Managing Your Emotions: In the Middle of a Tough Conflict

To beat a tough conflict, you need to quickly shift to a much bigger and higher state of mind than the conflict itself. The secret is to immediately think of your best passions and goals. Once you upload that thought, the conflict and everything about it becomes much smaller and less emotional.  Your feelings about your goals and passions will dwarf any conflicts.  By focusing on your passions and goals, which are often related to your core values such as family, friendship, service, character, achievement and religion, your mind will always stay above the fray.  You not only avoid your lower level, but you transcend to a completely higher realm that is beyond the reach of conflict, difficult people and criticism.  Your mind is surrounded by the things you love to do and the things that you aspire to achieve and and no one can diminish or take that away from you, even in the worst conflicts.

– Zachary Wong, PhD, Personal Effectiveness in Project Management


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