Always Think Bigger, In Both Time and Space

Always think bigger doesn’t mean you can solve your problem by imagining you are bigger than you actually are.  However, the stuckness you experience as obstacle and conflict is often the result of not seeing the larger environment around whatever is happening. Missing critical points, and sometimes obvious solutions, can be the result of having too narrow a focus.  The antidote to that is to allow your mind to become bigger.  A bigger mind leads to a bigger view, which gives rise to unusual solutions….

Thinking bigger takes place in the dimensions of both space and time….A narrow view of time can not only ignore history, but also cause you to think you must take action sooner than need be….Thinking bigger in terms of space means literally looking above and beyond the immediate conflict or problem at all the elements of the larger environment – the ground, its conditions, all the people connected to it.  Each element in a situation has its own ever-changing constellation of relationships, each is interconnected with the others, and all have some impact on your situation.

The Rules of Victory: How to Transform Chaos and Conflict: Strategies from the Art of War, James Gimian and Barry Boyce



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