Give Yourself the Gift of Patience

EyeballDo you have the patience to wait
until your mud settles and the water is clear? 

– Tao Te Ching





Last Saturday I had plans to go downtown to see the opening of the Chicago Art Institute’s new installation of Magritte.

  • I had purchased a Membership to get in early
  • I had reserved a parking spot
  • I had checked my purse to see it fit their size requirements
  • I went to the library to print my Membership receipt to get a temporary Membership card so I could get in as a Member
  • I found directions via Google Drive
  • I put together a mental checklist/ timetable to get out of my house on time

I woke up.
I started stepping through my mental checklist.  So far, so good.  Dressed and ready to leave.  8:15 on the dot.
My plan was to get there by 10am with time to leisurely walk to the museum.*
I walked over to the keypad to set my alarm.  And it was frozen.
Nothing was working.  8:30 am and daylight was burning.

I called my provider, listened to the please hold message for a minute and a half…and the line disconnected me. 

I called them a second time. Hung on for another minute and half…and the line disconnected me.

The third time I put my cell on speaker and someone picked up.

After I reached someone, they tried to walk me through resetting my system, but we ran into a roadblock:  I couldn’t unscrew the back of the keypad because it had tiny screws.

And my tiny screwdriver kit was missing.  

I searched for it for 5 minutes while the lady hung on the line.

At this point, it was 9:15 and I was a little anxious.
Ok, I admit I was furious.

I thanked the lady, scheduled an appointment to have a technician come out and hung up.

I kept digging through my kitchen drawers and finally found a screwdriver tiny enough to unscrew the back of the console and rebooted my keypad.
Halleujah I was back in business!

I was still furious, but I had learned one thing:


Sometimes patience is a gift that you give yourself.


I could have blown a gasket

  • When I got the audio message: “You have a ton of other people in front of you”
  • When the line disconnected me twice
  • When the the lady made me walk through powering up my modem and router – when the problem was the keypad
  • When I went to look for the missing screwdriver kit
  • When she signed me up for a technician visit that I would have had to pay for

You always have multiple opportunities to lose yourself in the drama – “Nothing is working like I expected.”   

Give yourself the gift of patience.  Patience…
1. Prevents you from jumping to conclusions
2. Gives you space to respond
3. Allows you to be diligent in ensuring that the little things get done

And above all, it keeps you from ruining your day.
I was a little late to the museum, but I was able to be one of first in Chicago to see the new Magritte exhibit.  And it was wonderful.

Have you given yourself the gift of Patience lately?  Leave a comment or send me a tweet, my id is jgodfrey.

* Sure I didn’t need all that time to get downtown, but I know my method of navigating space: I drive in circles until I find myself in the right place.

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