PMXPO 2014: Worth Another Look

For PMs with little free time and no money for conferences, online conferences on Project Management have started to spring up.  PMXPO is one of the conferences taking advantage of the online format.

The PMXPO 2014 live conference was held in May and will be available in On Demand format through most of the summer.  While the opportunity to talk ‘live’ to vendors and other conference viewers is now gone – the remote or simply overbooked PM can still take advantage of the resources that were shared.

Presentations and PDUs
Perhaps the biggest benefit from accessing the PMXPO at this point would be to listen to the presentations.  Each of the presentations can be played On Demand with feedback and audience questions at the very end.

Among the presentations were the following:

  • Choosing Wisely: When is Agile the Right Approach?  A (too brief) talk about when to use Agile.  I think the slides alone will add value – but you should listen to the presentation and hear the reasoning behind the use of not just 2 – but four different methodologies of implementation (Incremental, Agile, Waterfall and Iterative).
  • Hacking the Gantt.  Cool Title, huh?  The presentation was even better. This talk centered around how to track Agile in a Waterfall Organization.  The discussion around considering how you can best build trust in each discussion was extremely interesting.  I recommend you check this out.
  • Top 10 Tips for Building a PMO that matters was a team-presentation that gave tips on PMO Setup and Management, Harmonizing PM and Agile and Portfolio Execution.  The tips were shared in hopes of helping us shape a PMO that is relevant and adds value to the business.

More than just the presentations, viewers can also download 
* Presentation slides and mp3s – from the Conference Hall
* White Papers – from the Resource Center
* Vendor Presentations – from the Exhibition Hall

How can you access the conference? 
1. Access PMXPO2014 here

2. Just create a login and log in.

The PMXPO resources will be available through July 24, 2014.  Time has a way of getting away from you, so please take the time to hear the speakers and access the other resources.  Given the On Demand format it would be shame not to check out what’s been shared.

If you’ve already attended the conference, let me know which presentation you enjoyed the most?  Leave a comment, send me a tweet, my id is jgodfrey.


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