Personal Effectiveness in Project Management: Book Review

“…You’re on the right path when you make decisions and take actions that are true to your values, diversity, passions and core goal – it’s the inside path of your personal effectiveness cycle.”
– Personal Effectiveness in Project Management, Zachary Wong, Ph.D.

We all want to be more effective in our roles as PMs, right?
If you’re like me, the resources that could help us align our intentions with our actions are not easy to find.  We are usually left with the PMBOK and business books that don’t seem to tie it all together.

Personal Effectiveness in Project Management is the book I think we’ve all been looking for.  We all know there is more to Project Management than process and tools and techniques.  This book opens the door to a better understanding of how to align your values, your goals and your effectiveness.  The author explains not only how they are connected, but how each of them impacts your effectiveness.

For Professor Wong, personal effectiveness is a cycle that has inputs, outputs and a series of stages that transition into the next.  Your Personal Effectiveness cycle starts with your Decision-Making, moves into your Motivation, then Achievement and finally Sustainability (the phase where you keep the momentum going).  As I read the book, the  process-loving side of me said – ‘all right!  Finally an answer for everything!’   The learning side of me wondered if he was full of hooey, but I kept on turning the pages…

After reading the PMBOK numerous times and living your own projects, you come to the conclusion that being effective is far more than just knowing the exact tool or technique required, and more about moving yourself out of the way.  At the end of the book…I was excited because I now knew that I had the tools/ techniques I needed to become more effective as well as a holistic view of how personal effectiveness works.

This book provides the other half of what is missing so that you can ‘turn the corner’,  as Wong describes it, and turn your striving to succeed into a cycle that can be sustained.  If I could take the class that this book is based on, I’d fly to California on my own dime and take it.  Honestly – this book is really that good.  

I could write multiple posts about this book and not delve into everything that you can get out of its pages.  My recommendation: go buy the book and use it to develop personal development goals.  That’s my plan.

Do you know of any other books on personal effectiveness that you would recommend?  Leave a comment, send a tweet, my id is jgodfrey.


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