Get Thankful

Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyoneShisso
G.B. Stern


Some of us, you know who you are, have a bad habit of not expressing our gratitude to others.

Sometimes this carries over from our personal lives to our behavior on projects.  There can be any number of reasons why the words or the written expressions of ‘thank you’ does not get expressed.

Some of us ‘think’ our ‘thank yous’ and hoard them up inside our hearts.  When the next time comes around when we need someone’s services, we remember their help the last time and we bring that good feeling to our interactions with them.   This works for us, but not so well for them.  Just a reminder: People cannot read your mind, no matter how hard you think.

Some of us may worry that they may not be taken as sincere.  How many of you have seen project completion status then followed by a flurry of thanks you to the entire alias.  Maybe people think after the first or second thank you that everyone is piling on for good form’s sake?  If you miss the first few, you think it might not be taken as seriously.

But a thank you is always appreciated.

Being thankful does more than benefit the recipient. In my experience, it helps me remember a few things:

  1. No project is completed alone.

    Saying thank you either verbally or via a note is a reality check that the project took many hours of other team members’  time and hard work to produce the deliverable we committed to deliver.

  2. The final deliverable was a product of a collaborative effort.

    Whether you’re delivering software or an environment or a product, your thank you is an acknowledgement that everyone – from the person with the smallest contribution to the bulk of the effort – had to work together to produce the result.  That the team succeeded in working together and delivered something that was good. It’s good for me to remember that the team delivered.Finally, I remember that…

  3. I am lucky enough to work with a bunch of talented individuals.

    They make up a team that worked through any number of issues on the project to deliver an a new environment, a product or a software release.  That jazzes me.

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