Positive Putty

When I came back from Christmas Holidays…I was given a silver, round container with blue lettering on the lid which read:

Positive Putty: Squeeze and Achieve.

Our PMO Director had given everyone a can of Positive Putty.  In the can, there was a glob of blue “stuff” that seemed stuck to the bottom of the can.

Around the edges of the can were the instructions:

  • Release your Tension
  • Stretch your creativity
  • Shape your destiny
  • Sculpt your direction

Opening the can was a challenge in itself. The glob of putty had semi-sealed the can shut. Only by twisting the lid in the opposite direction could I manage to get the lid off.

It came out warped in the shape of the can – shiny and oddly reminiscent of playdoh.

I started pulling it out of its shape and molding it just as one of my meetings started.  Initially it resisted the shaping, but warmed up as we began our discussion about a new project.

I wish I could tell you that playing with this failed chemistry experiment transformed my thinking.

But it didn’t.

What I can tell you is that it changed the path my thoughts usually run along during a requirements call.

  • It made me smile.
  • It lightened my voice.
  • It impacted my mood.
  • And interrupted my usual thinking.

In a virtual meeting these kinds of things are tangible, but difficult to measure.

Rather than get stymied in capturing requirements that we needed to research before pricing – we agreed to break the process into phases in order to move the project forward.

I don’t usually go for motivational tchotchkes.
Did Positive Putty make a difference?
Who knows.
I like to use it during meetings.

Do you have any motivational tchotchkes that you recommend?
Leave a comment, send me a tweet, my id is jgodfrey.


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