PMP Renewal Time: Random Thoughts

There are weeks that I hate being a project manager.
On those weeks my job seems to be an endless round of…

  • Jumping through bureaucratic hoops
  • ‘Playing Telephone’
  • Managing myself so I stay professional under stress.

It was during one of those weeks that I received notice that it was nearing time to renew my PMP Certification.

For those of you familiar with the PMP certification – every PMP-certified project manager is obliged to renew their certification every 3 years. At the end of that 3-year cycle, PMI expects them to…

  • Have acquired 60 PDU (Professional Development Units)
  • Submitted them to PMI for review and approval
  • Pay $60 to renew the certification

Renewing wasn’t the problem. The problem was whether I still wanted to be a Project Manager this week.  I was thinking that…

  • Living in Hawaii as a beach bum,
  • Cashing in my 401K and traveling to Fiji or
  • Winning the lottery might be better options.

When I originally took the PMP exam, I had heard lots of folks with differening opinions about the value of the credential. Some thought it wasn’t worth pursuing for them, others thought it was something that would be valuable. That has not changed – people still have strong feelings both ways.

What has changed is my attitude about the PMP Credential. Over time, my appreciation of the credential and the standards have grown. During weeks when I needed to watch my temper and my tongue, remembering that I was a professional was worth every penny paid.

Having the PMBOK as a guide has kept me out of trouble multiple times. Having a ‘PMP’ at the end of my name has opened a number of doors and let me do what I love to do…

  • Work with teams who loved their jobs
  • Pull together plans, flag and mitigate risks and above all
  • Finish projects

My name is Joelle Godfrey and I have agreed to retain the Project Management Professional designation for another three years. Leave a comment or send me a tweet, my id is jgodfrey.


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