OPP: Other People’s Problems – An Antidote to Burnout?

Burnt out?

Buried under your action item list?

Wondering why you ever became a project manager?

That’s when you need to look beyond your situation and read about other people’s problems.

Fortunately, there are plenty of PMs out there that on a weekly, sometimes daily basis whine and rant about their problems.  A few of them even rave about their successes and best practices.

Clicking through other people’s problems can help you see a number of things:

  1. You get to see why other people love the profession
    I’m guessing that when you became a project manager, there was something that drew you to the role.  With all of the stress, you’ve temporarily lost sight of the original fire that drove you. Reading other PMs blogs can help unearth your own forgotten love of PMBOK, All Things Process and the charge you get out of completing a project.
  2. You get to see that other people have the same problems
    There is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes said it before and said it better, but really, there is nothing new. A problem that you are banging your head against is very likely the same problem someone else has crashed and burned on. Someone else may have triumphed over it. Their experiences are yours to pick over for gold.
  3. Blogs are a great source of insight, wisdom and solutions to your problems
    No one at work will know that you ripped a solution from someone else’s blog unless they read the same blog. They’ll think you made a marvelous decision.

After reading through a couple of posts you might feel like the sea of negativity you’ve been swimming in is receding.  Read a few more and you’ll realize that you’re not alone.  If you’re lucky, you’ll read a few posts that will make you laugh and revitalize your love of project management.  Check out a few of the links on the sidebar or go out and search for PMs under #pmot on Twitter.  There’s a lot of whining going on and some of it is bound to cheer you up.

Leave a comment, send me a tweet, my id is jgodfrey.


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