Cool IPhone Apps for Project Managers

If you’ve followed me for any time at all, you know that I like to remind myself of things that I’ve learned.  I Tweet on PMBOK because I’m afraid that once I’ve read a paragraph, the knowledge will drain out of my head the next time I encounter a scenario that begs for a Best Practice.

I have found a number of IPhone Apps that play to that weakness of mine and a few that are just cool.  When I’m stuck in traffic or waiting in line, rather than lugging around a bag full of books, I can start up one of these Apps and use the time wisely.

And the Apps Are…

  1. Thinkaha! – Cost: Free
    Thinkaha is an app that gives busy people a chance to read up on the most up-to-date subjects from the latest books.  The application gives you a chance to review small, tweet-sized insights from each book you download.  Books include insights from Marshall Goldsmith’s MojoTweet, Kevin Eikenberry’s LeadershipTweet and Rajesh Setty’s ThinkTweet!

    You can step through the books in order or load a couple and randomly view quotes that can inspire or challenge you.  An example from MOJOtweet:

    “You cannot create your reputation by yourself (the rest of the world always has something to say about it), but you can influence it.”

  2. Ambiance – Cost: 0.99
    There are times during your day when you need to focus in and finish something: a document, some minutes, or preparations for a meeting and the voice of someone who stopped by your neighbor’s cube is too distracting.  Ambiance is your answer.

    With a zillion sounds (I exaggerate), Ambiance can immediately provide the atmosphere and help boost your mood.  I even fall to sleep to some of them.  Sounds can range from a Shibuya Manga Cafe in Japan to Wind in a Bamboo Forest.  My current Fav: Symphonies of the Planets. This is actually the sound of solar winds recorded by NASA Research.

  3. Dale Carnegie’s Secret of Success – Cost: 0.99
    If you’ve never been to a Dale Carnegie workshop, it’s an experience that I highly recommend. At the beginning of my project manager career, it was a real godsend.  Starting from zero with management and leadership principles, I used the advice and the 30 principles in the “Golden Book” to learn effective behaviors.

    Technology has not left Dale Carnegie behind. This week, I found out that the Golden Book given to each of the workshop participants at the end of the session had been ported into an IPhone App.  You get all 30 Principles – repackaged in an easier to read format – with a video for each Principle, Tips from the Dale Carnegie Book on How To Stop Worrying and Start Living, as well as Valuable Tips on being a more effective professional.

  4. Evernote – Cost: Free
    This is an App that nearly everyone knows about, but because of its goodness, should be included on the list. Evernote is a web application that allows you post notes to the web and access them from any device (Computer, IPad, SmartPhone).

    The Evernote IPhone App allows you to access your existing notes from your IPhone and add new notes.  I have used this for capturing notes on anything ranging from Japanese vocabulary, cool websites and research on companies during my job hunt.  The service is completely free.

  5. Eat That Frog – Cost: 1.99
    If you have tasks that somehow keep slipping off the To Do list, this is the app for you. Using the theory that you should only focus on one Frog at a time, it forces you to focus on that one task: Until you finish it. For some of my tasks (like taxes) this is useful.
  6. UniQlo Calendar – Cost: Free
    This IPhone app is essentially free advertising for a store in Japan, but the images are so beautiful that I enjoy opening it to watch the high-speed videos of daily life in Japan. The music varies depending on the video you select, but it can be muted if noise is a problem. If you use Google’s calendar app, you can access it through the UniGlo’s Calendar.

    Do you know of any other cool IPhone apps that could be useful for project managers?  Leave a comment or send me a tweet, my id is jgodfrey.


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