March 2010: Bug on a Windshield


It’s the third week of the month again.

If you’re new here, on  third week of every month, I pull together all the links that I’ve run into since last month that made me think or laugh.

This month’s Bug on Windshield links are related to: Personal Effectiveness, Project Management, Fun and some Random Tweets.  More fun this month because March has been particularly challenging.

Personal Effectiveness

Project Management


Some Tweets

  • JFilm Pow Wow: Nifty….cool trailer: Tokyo Anima! a two day Japanese art animation extravaganza
  • From JFilm Pow Wow: Criterion puts six “Zatoichi” films online for free while HVE’s discs go out of print
  • Gives new meaning to it’s all in the details: Salt labyrinths by Motoi Yamamoto /cc @feedly
  • Hey – just tried ThinkAha on the Apple ITunes Store. A great app. & for a limited time – FREE. With 5 FREE books. I love free. #greatidea
  • bible with book view:

That’s it for this month.  Leave me a comment, send me a tweet, my id is jgodfrey.


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