Bug on a Windshield: Process, Testing, and Project Management

Tower at Night
Tower at Night

I apologize in advance.

I promised that I would continue my series on Reaching Consensus, but I forgot that this is the third week in August – time for a Bug on a Windshield post.

And so this Saturday, I have another Bug on a Windshield post covering Software Development and Testing, Process, Personal Effectiveness and what else, Project Management.

Software Development and Testing:

I picked the first two links before I realized that they had the same author. %)

  • Wedgie on the last mile
  • Deployment is the Goal
  • Becoming a Software Testing Expert
    I know, this isn’t a testing blog and I am not a tester, but when I saw this video from Google’s TechTalks archive, I had to share it.  James Bach provides valuable information on becoming an expert that is applicable to any field, as well as useful tips on how to become a better tester. Besides that, he’s funny.


Personal Effectiveness

Project Management

That wraps it up for this month’s Bug on a Windshield.  Next week, I’ll pick up Reaching Consensus again.  Let me know if you have any comments or additional link suggestions I should check out.  Leave me a comment or send me a tweet, my id is jgodfrey.


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