Bug on a Windshield: Process, Career Advice and Projects

Green Eggs and Ham Anyone?
Green Eggs and Ham Anyone?

It’s the third week of the month again…
This week’s Bug on a Windshield links are related to Process management and change, Career Advice to follow and Project Management Tips.


The best advice from my point of view starts with reality and helps you leverage what you have. These posts fall into that category:

Advice to Follow

Advice on time management, management principles, job hunting, and putting your best out there…

Project Related

Tips on how to address project issues: from conflict to managing communication.

Leave me a comment or send me a tweet, my id is jgodfrey.



  1. Joelle, also thanks for including my post.

    I’ve changed my domain name, so you will want to use: pmtoolsthatwork.com/seven-ways-to-make-that-silver-bullet-work/

    Sorry for the change!


  2. No problem. Thank you for you letting me know. I’d rather have all the links working. %)

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