Bug on A Windshield: People, Fun, Projects and a Wild Card

Praying Mantis

Week in a Blur

This week went by so fast that I haven’t had a chance to process everything.  So here’s another Bug on the Windshield post with a focus on People, Fun, Projects and a Wild Card:


  1. When you learn a language, you learn a new way of thinking
  2. Post on Mental Toughness
  3. Interesting thoughts on happiness from TED Talk (21 mins)


  1. Fun With Post-Its
  2. Vendor Client Relationships In The Real World
  3. My pep talk for the week


  1. Thoughts on Expectations Management
  2. Key Atttributes of a Metric
  3. Recovering the Desperately Challenged Project
  4. To Restart a Large Failed Project, Think Program
  5. New Uses for Old Tools – FMEA (Cool!)
  6. Excellent videos on Transitioning from a Project Manager to an Agile Coach: Part 1 and Part 2

Wild Card:

I listened to: How to Present a Professional Image with Carol Price: an oldie but goodie CareerTrack series from the 1990s coaching women on how to present an image of competence.  This is so old, it’s no longer available on Amazon. %)  If your library has an old tape collection from CareerTrack, I recommend you track it down. It’s so good, I plan to contact CareerTrack to find out if they sell old seminars.

Her tip on how to prepare for the year-end performance review:

  • At the end of each week: Capture what you did very well that week.
  • At the end of the month: Put those weekly notes into a monthly file.
  • A week before your performance review: Review those monthly files and pull out 10 or more things that you accomplished that year that added value to the business and send that list to your supervisor.  Your list will help refresh their memory about what you’ve accomplished that year.  According to Price, research has shown that without a reminder, they tend to evaluate you based on your performance in the last 9 weeks before your review.

That’s all I have for this week.  If you have a question or comment, post one here or send me a tweet.  My id is jgodfrey.


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