Free PDUs for PMs in Transition

When you’re in Transition, the last thing you want to think about is self-development – your focus is finding that next opportunity.

While keeping your skill-set up to date is probably one of the best investments you could make with your time and money, the longer you are in Transition, the more you want to conserve your cash for necessities.

Out of necessity, I’ve scrounged up a few on-line resources that can help you make the most of your cash and still get PDUs through training:

Completely Free Resources

  1. Twitter: Twitter? I know, but following project managers or management experts who blog or tweet could give you leads toward other free webinars or conferences. Searching on hashtags could also uncover opportunities. Try searching on #pmot, #pmi, #pmiagile, #pm at Twitter Search (see the following example at:
  2. International Institute for Learning (IIL): the International Institute for Learning offers free webinars on project management, tools and practices.
  3. Software Engineering Institute: SEI offers webinars hosted by SPIN (Software and Systems Process Improvement Network) on CMMI, risk management and other technical areas. I haven’t taken one of these webinars, but the list looks promising.
  4. Gantthead: Gantthead offers videos on a number of trends, issues and topics of interest to project managers on their site at:

Some Free…Some Not..All Good

  1. American Management Association: AMA offers webcasts on a variety of topics, including leadership, management and project management.
  2. InfoQ: InfoQ is a site for techies, but I like rooting around on it because they provide articles, interviews and conference presentations on a wide range of technical and management topics. Some of the conference presentations are PDU-worthy and most are free. As an example of what’s out there, look for Agile webinars at:
  3. PMI (Project Management Institute) Special Interest Groups and Colleges: One of the many benefits of being a member of PMI is getting access to the resources offered by SIGs and Colleges. From my own experience, the Information Systems Special Interest Group (ISSIG) and the College of Scheduling (COS) offer webinars throughout the year. The only disadvantage to this resource is that you have to pay for membership to both PMI and the Special Interest Group or College to get access. Check out PMI and your SIG or College of choice. My recommendations: ISSIG or the College of Scheduling.
  4. Software Best Practices Webinars: CAI (Computer Aid Incorporated) and the IT Metrics and Productivity Institute offer webinars that are free when they are live. Recorded webinars cost $29.99. I haven’t actually seen one of these, but the list looks interesting.

Stuff that won’t get you PDUs, but is interesting to follow:

Not that you have time to listen to things that are just “interesting,” but if you find yourself with a spare 15-minutes to an hour, check these two resources out:

  1. Edgewise Podcasts: Just the other day, I listened to a 10-minute podcast from Marshall Goldsmith on Influencing Others. This might be a podcast worth following.
  2. O’Reilly Webinars: O’Reilly media offers webinars on a variety of topics. Many of them are related to books they are publishing (obviously), but others are just interesting and might be of value to project managers. A few weeks ago I heard a webinar on making presentations that had great tips for presenting to virtual teams (You are a Natural Born (Visual) Storyteller) and a month earlier, I attended a presentation on leveraging Sharepoint for Project Management. Check them out at:

These are a few of the resources I’ve able to find on-line. Does anyone know of other places to scrounge for PDUs? Let me know in the Comments or send me a Tweet. My id is jgodfrey.



  1. This is great Joelle. But did you hear the buzz in Twitter about people earning PDUs through blogging?

  2. Thanks for the comment! I did, but I am still unclear as to what falls underneath the category of blogging. Do they mean researched articles or any blog post will do? I keep meaning to go find out, but my job search is preoccupying me lately.

  3. Thank you. I haven’t had a chance to follow up with them. I don’t view this blog at the same level as a professional article and I wouldn’t have expected them to credit PDUs for it.

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